Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Several Ways To Help Out

How do I become a Bayan Knight again? This is one of many questions raised after we announced the coming Bayan Knights, the comic book. Rather than sending them all specifics, I decided to write something that deals with that here. Now, this may still not answer all your questions but I am hoping things will be clearer on what we are all about.

1.) Spread the word- The main objective of Bayan Knights is to collect and promote promising and exciting characters that we hope will shape the future of local comics here in the Philippines back to where they belong - back into the consciousness of most Filipinos. This ideal may be questioned by some. “Why do they even want to do this? Do you think you can make a difference?” The answer to that is a simple, “why not?” I’ve simply asked for volunteers to hold hands and show our numbers and they responded, willing and able to meet the challenges I presented to them. If you are one of the willing to help our cause, please send the word out to friends, relatives and even neighbours that you think might consider looking our way. It’s free but we will cherish this act of kindness like treasure.

2.) Donate- 200 pesos and get a free copy. This is for an industry that we say we love, if you really feel this way then I guarantee that this act of selfless charity is the right way to go. How much is a single well-known comicbook today? Just imagine giving some random kid or a relative a copy of Spiderman or Superman. That’s all it will take for you to make a difference. This way you will leave a lasting mark, for your name will be printed inside the first issue along with other heroes so that your voice and our voice will be heard. (All donations outside the country does not entitle them for free shipping.)

3.) Pledges- Pledges is the term for creators or anyone who will entrust us with their 1,000 pesos each just to make this happen. It is not mandatory - each creator believes that it is a small price to make their dreams a reality. I personally can say this is true since I’ve spent just to make my dream of publishing my own titles, and frankly, it isn’t cheap. In return you will be a part of us. You will get extra access on the development of our projects.

4.) COMMISSIONS- This offer is only on my personal behalf. Every commission I get, I will take part of that and place it automatically for this cause. I’ll either put that to “Bayan Knights” or “Free comics drive” So the ones who commission me automatically help out with no extra charges. So by giving me work, that, in return, is translated into kindness. No free copy here for the client though.

5.) PRE-ORDER- This is for retailers, school organizations or just people who loves comics and wants to order in advance and in bulk. The good thing here is the discount. You can ask your friends to buy the issue as a team.

6.) COMMIT your OC- If you have an original character that you think will make a difference, you can commit to us. They will still be yours, our only job to make the OCs legit by putting them on print, to promote thus helping you get momentum with your own title. We are not going to print your books, we’ll just showcase your characters and hope it will generate a lot of interest to the reading public.

Lastly what’s in it for me?

To be quite frank, there is really nothing much in it for me. Nothing but the sheer satisfaction that I am doing something for the comics industry. I’ll be doing a lot free chores in this project, but I’ll be doing them with great people around me. So what happens if we succeed in this gigantic endeavor? Well, be ready for more exciting surprises coming your way. All I am asking you now is simple. Think deep and consider us. Act now, be a BAYAN KNIGHT and we‘ll do the rest.

Thank you,

Gilbert Monsanto


  1. oh great!!
    i'm adding this to my blog asap!

  2. Thanks a lot for the support, Shryne. All of us at Bayan Knights appreciate it much :)

  3. hmmm pano po contact to donate, aand commit an OC?

  4. @ MMO AGGRO, to send your OC, go to this link:

    To donate, check out this one:

  5. i have just found out about Bayan Knights today...
    im impressed and inspired...
    meron bang term ang knights sa tagalog? sana tagalog nalang yung name yung knight kasi parang 'English'...