Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Wall of Heroes 1

These are the names of those who have generously shared their means to make our dreams of publishing our first issue possible.

1. Christine C. Rivero**
2. Gilbert Monsanto**
3. Francis Lim *
4. Amely Vidal**
5. David Batto *
6.James Hansard***
7.Paul Michael Ignacio**
8. John Becaro*
9. Peter Crighton***
10.Dr. Gilda C. Rivero*
11.Nick Zorilla*
12.Rayan Singson*
13. Geoffrey Borgonia**
14. Acosta Family: Mom, Pops, Ate Lisa, Jayboy Sib and Carl*
15. Marguerite C. Garcia*
16. Michelle G. Maniquez*
17. Redge Vicente**
18. Gio Paredes**
19. Mark Rosario*
20. Gerard Fernandez**
21. Leonard Banaag*
22.Jayla C. Navarro*
23. Lianne Mejia*
24. Erico Calimlim**
25. Levy Ramirez**
26. Sarra Jean Navora*
27. Aries Mendoza*
28. Jon Mallari*
29. Myles Chua*
30. Rhoseller Quilantang**
31. Gener Pedrina**

***- Thru COMMISSIONS(no free copy)

Learn how to be part of this Wall of Heroes by clicking this link.

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