Tuesday, November 4, 2008

How To Find Us At Komikon 2008

Komikon 2008 is fast-approaching and as that day draws closer and closer, here's some info for the Komikon attendees so they could find us quicker in the venue.
Bayan Knights - Table E-09
Moses Aaron Felizmenio (creator of Gwapoman) - Table 5
Juan Paolo MaƱanita (creator of Morion) - Table 15
Jeffrey Benitez (creator of Junior) - 2nd Table near the entrance
Gio Paredes (creator of Kalayaan) - Table 10 (indie tiangge)
Gener Pedrina (creator of Sanduguan) - Table E-05
Myke Guisinga and Mike Ignacio (creators of Claw/Boy Ipis) - Table 5


  1. Hi!

    We have an updated Komikon poster. Please check http://komikon.blogspot.com/

    We also have an updated floor plan which we'll put up soon.


    ~Komikon Committee

  2. Thanks for informing us. We've updated the poster. We're looking forward to the new floor plan then.

    Welcome and thanks too.