Thursday, November 20, 2008

Other Titles From BK Creators

Aside from Bayan Knights #1, allow us also to encourage you to check out several other cool comic books from our BK creators. These titles can be bought at the upcoming Komikon at the UP Bahay ng Alumni.

Boy Ipis and Claw Team-Up
The wait is over for the people of Navotas and Malabon City. The new heroes that would never succumb to dirty politics and greed are here.

Written by Paul Michael Ignacio and illustrated by Myke Guisinga.

Kalayaan #5
Kalayaan wakes up and finds himself in an island with an iconic Philippine real life hero. He is forced to fight side by side with him against a gigantic monster that seems to be impervious to any weapon. How would they stop this monster from spreading terror to the people of the island?

Written and illustrated by Gio Paredes.

Click here to see other issues of Kalayaan.

Ang Morion #1
Read about the struggle of our Hero, Serafin Malinao, in finding out how he got his unique abilities. Other than him, there are only two persons who know about it - his late Grand father and his friend, Ann. Soon, he will discover that his powers actually has some "dark" secrets.

Written and illustrated by Wan MaƱanita

Plus dont forget to grab a copy of Unos Mundos #1 and Unos Mundos # 2.

Sanduguan: Himagsikan 3
Sandugo's adventure in the 18th century continue as they face-off against the might of Magdalo. The Katipunan is caught in the collission! It looks grim for the revolutionaries as several of their members are put out of action

Written and illustrated by Gener Pedrina

Also, be sure to check out Sandata #0 and Bato, Agimat Warrior

Rambol #3 (flipbook format)

Metropolitan - written and illustrated by Gilbert Monsanto.

Alagad Inc - Written by Gilbert Monsanto. Illustrated by Kriss Sison and Jun Monares.

Servant #1
Written and illustrated by Geoffrey Borgonia

Ang Huling Baraha: Alas (Prelude to Gwapoman 2000)
Written and illustrated by Aaron Felizmenio