Monday, March 2, 2009


Getting our comics thru the mail:
Within the Philippines only for now.

Any issue price plus 20 pesos shipping.
Bayan Knights ---------------- P60+20=P 80.00 pesos
Rambol Komiks--------------- P60+20=P 80.00 pesos
Tropa--------------------------- P75+20=P 95.00 pesos
(additional copies plus 10.00 on shipping rate)

Complete set (BK1+ RK 1,2and 3+Tropa 1 and 2) 6 items= 400.00 minus 20%= 320.00
Add only 50 pesos for shipping
(regular price at P460.00), with the promo get them for ONLY P370.00 and save P90.00
plus get a free sketch.

  • Deposit payment through any BPI branch to Sacred Mountain Publications, Account # 4033-04277-4. Kindly write your name on the deposit slip and fax a copy to 655-6780. You may also scan or take a clear photo of the deposit slip and email the image file with your contact details to
  • We also accept payments through Paypal, Kindly enter as the payee account.
We would be happy to answer questions sent to that email address as well.

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