Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sarhento Sagrado Is Back

Gilbert Monsanto, or Sarge as we Knights fondly refer to him, finally got the chance to go online yesterday late afternoon. Worries were erased as he posted a message on his Facebook account which said...

"Thank god safe kami ng family ko, wala pa rin kuryente sa bahay at magulo pa rin sa bahay, binaha sa loob. Nasa mall using wifi just to update and finish some writing. Hope, everyone's safe."

We are happy that you and your family are safe, Sarge. Now in addition to that, he also posted a short but exciting message via Twitter

"Tinatapos ang script ng BK 3 :)"

Haha! That's how awesome the guy is! That's definitely another reason to smile. Current Batman and Robin penciller Philip Tan probably summed it up the best way when he commented about the twit and said
"Bilib talaga ako sa spirit ni Gilbert!!! Talk about passion!"

We can't help but agree, Philip. We can't help but agree.

- Mark Rosario
(Bayan Knights Associate Editor)