Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pre-order BK1-4 for only P200! Freebie at the Kon!

If your favorite comic book shop keeps running out of Bayan Knights before you can buy an issue, here's your chance to complete your collection!

We're now accepting pre-orders for Bayan Knights #4, and at the same time we're also offering all four of our issues for a snazzy discounted price of only P200 - That's more than 10% off the cover price! And yes... I realize I sound like a Home Shopping Ad! Blame the coffee :XD:

But the deal's for real, folks.. Click the How to Order section and reserve your copy today.

Bayan Knights 1-4 will also be available at the Summer Komikon on April 17 at the regular price of P60 an issue, but we'll throw in a FREE copy of Rambol #1 each time you buy all four issues.

See you there!

- Christine Rivero


  1. hello! where do i get the 4 issues after ordering?

  2. Hi pinoyman. You can get the comics at the SummerKon or if you can't attend there, get in touch with us through email ( and we'll work it out.