Thursday, September 18, 2008

Advertise With Us

We welcome your support and offer the following advertising rates:

for the back-cover full-page ad
P12,000 for an inside cover full-page ad
P10,000 for a regular full-page ad
P 5,000 for a half-page ad
P 2,500 for a quarter-page ad

All sponsors will also receive 1 copy of the latest Bayan Knights issue for every P1000 ad placement. In addition, full-page and half-page sponsors will be gifted with an original 11x14 Gilbert Monsanto artwork, personalized with thanks, signed and framed.

Your contributions may thus be deposited through any BPI branch to Sacred Mountain Publications, Account # 4033-04277-4. Kindly write your name on the deposit slip and fax a copy to 655-6780. You may also scan or take a clear photo of the deposit slip and email the image file to We would be happy to answer any inquiry sent to that email address as well.

We also accept payments through Paypal. Kindly enter as the payee account.

Should you wish to view more of our artwork, preview pages and character profiles, please visit our website at


  1. Where will the comic be sold? I want to get copies of it. It looks great!

  2. Hi xavyniceday,

    Copies of Bayan Knights #1 will be available at Comic Quest, Comic Odyssey, Druid’s Keep and all branches of National Bookstore nationwide.


  3. Are your Comics sold in the US? If so where can I find them? If not how can I get them in the US?

    Thank You,