Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bayan Knights

It is evident that comics here in the Philippines, although seemingly still popular, is really not in a healthy state. In my sincere opinion, it in fact needs major medical attention. For years I have constantly pondered the elusive remedy to the problem. We do not lack great writers, or artistic people whom I know can produce the type of stories that are worth the money. It is now even common knowledge that some of them are currently working on well-known titles abroad. Not here, but over there where they can reap the benefits and respect that they very much deserve. While here, it is so hard for comic book artists to say the same.

I’d like to think I did, or should I say, I am still doing my part. I’ve been in this business for almost two decades. I can say I have done it all, from pencils, writing, coloring, inking, up to publishing my own books. Sad to say, the pace goes ever so slowly toward success. But just like before, I’ll take it in stride. I’m sure someday, our local comics will reach its peak once more. There are many who walk the same path as I do, same direction but not together. Each and everyone doing their best -- we are many but we are alone, scattered all over a great big and wide wall. From afar, we are but specks of black on canvass. At some point we meet, say hi, good luck, take care and how do you dos. After that we climb on aimlessly towards the top. Sometimes we help out, give a hand to reach a certain point. Then start alone again.

I’ve seen more and more creators consistently trying to get their love to as many readers out there as they can reach. Their growing numbers are undeniable evidence that comics still exists where it matters, their hearts. I decided to stop just for a moment to look at where I am and maybe everybody else. Then I found them, not far from each other, I yelled hello and offered something I think everybody needs right now, a helping hand. Not all of them may want or need any help but I am offering and in return, I’ll start asking for help as well. I figured if we can all make it to a certain point together on this wall, we can form a line and people will start to notice. A line, that is what we will be, for we are one.

So I am asking one thing from you now, if you have some way by which you can help us, please do. If you have a character you love and feel that it could be a great addition to our group, join, and if you have any amount to spare knowing that it will go into a unique and good cause, please donate. Lastly, if you could spread the word to more comic readers in the country, new and old, please do so. Comics need your help. For the first time, in its behalf, I am humbly shouting for help.

This site is dedicated to share with you new wonderful ways to help this cause. You can choose from several ways to help. I pray that in a year, we can find new titles, homes to showcase more and more wonderful creations from our local talents, new and old alike.

I believe in the hero in all of us.

We believe that there is a Bayan Knight in all of us.

A Bayan Knight,

Gilbert Monsanto


  1. i would like to congratualte you on getting this started... but i will have to agree with you that all is not well with the local comic book industry... i have seen the rise of a few titles & publications that i thought had some promise but sadly did not hear anything about them ever again... i always wondered what ever happened to manga comics & their attempt at a modernized version of darna, but i guess i'll never know... you're also right, the talent is here & the market & fans are here, then there must be a way to make it work... i interested in becoming a writer, mainly because i can't draw a straight line or a perfect circle to save my life & i would like some ideas about how i can get some ideas accross... any suggestions?

  2. You meant Mango comics and DARNA 50th anniversary trilogy? Well, I guess it was all about some differences from the Yonzon and the Ravelos. You can't get something running if both parties can't fully agree on some issues right?

    If you are a writer and not an artist. You can always team up with one, or finish your story first. Just think that you are a Neil Gaiman :)

    That could work.

  3. thanks for the correction, i knew in the back of my mind that there was something wrong... and thanks for the suggestion too, yes looks like joining up with an artist is what i have to do... after doing that, i imagine that the next step would be pitching the idea... now how's that done?

  4. @ Big Filipino Chinese White Guy, we suggest you self-publish it first and then sell it as an indie at local events like the Summer Komikon, Manila Comic-Con and others. You have bigger chances of getting noticed by a publisher once you have a finished work.