Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Wall of Heroes 2

As early as now, we've been working on Bayan Knights issue #2 and we are already receiving funds for it. So here goes our Wall of Heroes for BK #2. Thanks for the support, guys!

1. Jeffrey Benitez**
2. Gilbert Monsanto**
3. Paul Michael Ignacio**
4. Ferdinand "Bong" Dacanay**
5. Geoffrey Borgonia**
6. Christian Gumba**
7. David Hammond*
8. Christine C. Rivero**
9. Francis Lim**
10. Gio Paredes**
11. Donne Ephraim R. CeladiƱa**
12. Myles Chua*
13. Atty. Javier Ibazeta*
14. Javey Villones*
15. Arriz Urriza
16. Godofredo Borgonia*
17. Donne Ephraim R. CeladiƱa**
18. Michael Fellows*

***- Thru COMMISSIONS(no free copy)

Learn how to be part of this Wall of Heroes by clicking this link and check out "Become our Hero".

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