Sunday, July 26, 2009


Got this email just yesterday :)

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You and your works are nominated in the upcoming KOMIKON AWARDS 2009.
Nominations were held last July 01 - 15, 2009. You were nominated for the following categories:

For Best Comic Series:
Bayan Knights by Gilbert Monsanto and the Bayan Knights, Sacred Mountain Publications (

For Best Comic Creator/s:
Gilbert Monsanto (Bayan Knights, Rambol, Tropa ) (
Bayan Knights (Bayan Knights) (

For Best Cover: -
Bayan Knights issue 1 by Gilbert Monsanto, pencils; Edgar Tadeo, inks; Rain Beredo and Mark Anthony Taduran, colors
Bayan Knights issue 2 by Lan Medina , pencils; Gilbert Monsanto, colors

For Komiks Character of the Year: -
Boy Ipis of Bayan Knights, by Paul Michael Ignacio (

For Best Comic Scene: -
The Bayan Knights in an epic battle against the endless battalion of wolf-monsters, called “Sipakas” (Bayan Knights Issue 2)

For Comics Aid Award:

Gilbert Monsanto is a writer, an artist and a publisher of local comics. He owns the Sacred Mountain Publications which published titles such as Tropa, Rambol and Bayan Knights. Gilbert formed the Bayan Knights calling on independent comic creators who wants their characters to be recognized by forming a unique league of Filipino superheroes. He is also known internationally, working on different comics abroad.

Ayala Foundation for Bayan Knights#2

Voting period will be from August 10 – September 20, 2009. The official list of nominees and voting procedures will be announced anytime next week. Visit or for updates. Winners will be announced at the 5th Phiippine Annual Komiks Convention (KOMIKON) in October.

Good Luck!
KOMIKON Committee

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