Friday, August 7, 2009

Bayan Knights at Metro Comic Con 2009

Admit it. You love him.

Even if you think you hate him, you still love him.

He is afterall, the cutest pinoy superhero out there (at least, that's what he'd like all of us to think)

And now, you'll have a chance at giving back some love by purchasing the very first issue of Ang Astiging Boy Ipis at the Metro Comic Con!!!

But wait, there's more -- we're giving a bit more of that love back because early buyers of BI#1 will also get a free copy of ~rhiver's Goodbye Rubbit

Now here's a gorgeous 11x17 piece in pen and ink by Gilbert Monsanto can be yours upon purchasing any Sacred Mountain title at the Metro Comic Con.

Limited edition Bayan Knights dog tags will be available at the Manila Comic Con!

Buy Bayan Knights 1 or 2 + Ang Astiging Boy Ipis #1 + a Bayan Knights dog tag for only P165!

Necklaces with the Bayan Knights tag in black or white will also be available

Kudos to Myles Chua for making our dogtags. Yay!

Look for us at the Indie Go Valley, August 8-9, SM Megatrade Halls 1 and 2.

See you all there!!!

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