Monday, August 24, 2009

Bayan Knights: the first year

It also started with an idea, and like everything else wonderful, it all seemed like just a dream. The best thing about dreams is that it is free. Realizing that dream is another thing altogether - there will be costs, sacrifices and consequences. All things considered, we are all willing to take them. The start of this venture was easy enough. I've sent out invitations and hope that people will consider trying this idea out, without anything to lose except for their agreement to one simple task - to support, each and every Bayan Knight who will join the cause, past, present and future members.

Bayan Knights is not just the name of our comicbook. It was a title, an opportunity to be there when we really needed, right at the center of everything. A chance to touch people, to help fuel their dreams and forge them into a reality. A choice to voice out ideas and to be empowered and do something you'd only think of maybe finishing.

The initial member was 7, now we are forty plus strong. Each one dedicated to improve their craft, fueled by talented people around them. Their second family. I am
not really sure how to sum up all the things we've achieved within the year. But try, I will.

In a span of a year, we've managed to finish and publish two issues of Bayan Knights, backed with numerous independently published and owned books like BOY IPIS, KALAYAAN, SANDUGUAN, MANANABAS, GWAPOMAN, MORION and many more.

We managed to work with other studios and artists, breaching walls and boundaries. Helping each other for the sake of our local comics industry.

We've been featured in newspapers, magazines, including online reviews. We are thankful for these people for spreading the word for us.

Some of us are now working together for projects, making things easier, faster and more profitable for the members/family.

The real magic here is the undeniable truth that there is a hero in all of us. We can work together if we just do things simple and right. Frankly I was worried when I started this, thinking that putting all these people in one table could be quite a handful. A headache to beat all headaches and I feared the worst. Surprisingly, as it turned out, these fine talented individuals are just so warm funny and so easy to be with - a different kind of headache, but a headache nonetheless.

I thought I was helping them by giving them a favor with all this. Now, I find myself lucky for all their help. They are all truly a blessing to be with. We are cooking up a storm my friends, I do hope you'll be with us for another year. Thank you for the company. All I can say is, you wouldn't want to miss what we have in store for another year.

We have yet to sail countless seas with our ship, for this is just the beginning. Won't you come and join us with this voyage now? All we really needed was a little faith to blow us towards our destination, through your hearts.

-Gilbert Monsanto
a Bayan Knight


  1. it nice to read that there is team work...
    this is great...
    artists supporting artists...