Thursday, June 3, 2010

New Contest: Who will next heed the call?

Will it be another hero?

Or a villain?

If you have an original character (OC) that you'd like to be part of the Bayan Knights universe, now's your chance to tell his/her story!

Submit a two-page origin story for your OC, much like the origin stories we feature at the end of each of our issues.

The OC with the best story gets "recruited" into the BK universe!*

Kindly follow the specs below for your submissions:

- Send only 150 dpi jpeg files; do not send original pages

- Standard bond-paper size is sufficient for each page, but you can always draw on 11x17 paper if that suits you better.

- Be sure to tell a single stand-alone story within exactly two pages. Sorry, but we won't be allowing exceptions.

- Your story may be in English, Filipino, or Taglish. Whatever works best!

- Tell only your OC's story. For now, it would be better if you don't include any element or character from the existing BK universe. We'd like to get to know your OC on his/her own terms

Submit your story to no later than 21 August 2010.

The winning entry (and there can be only one) will be announced during the Komikon this November.

*The character will become part of an ongoing or future BK storyline. All characters in the Bayan Knights universe remain the property of their respective creators.

Check out this example from our latest issue:

Codename: Bathala written and drawn by Jon Zamar

Also, we have the Astiging Boy Ipis and Maso origins at this blog.
(Your entry doesn't need to be colored though)


  1. Well this is exciting! I'm a new big fan since I got BK issue 1, and I'm debating on whether I should buy the issues online or at the stores if they're available.

    Hopefully my entry is up to par with the rest.


  2. Hi! I was the one who sent the origin of OMNI! :)

    Here's the link to my deviantart:


    I hope my entry comes out soon :))

  3. Hi OMNI!

    Wait form your entry. It will be posted very, very soon. :)

  4. Thanks BK!

    I was just leaving my deviantart as requested somewhere in this page.

    Forgot where it was. But you asked us to give links to our accounts so . . .there it is! :)

    Thanks again.