Monday, April 4, 2011


Bayan Knights founder Gilbert Monsanto finally speaks...

"A few weeks ago, a meeting was held with an unexpected outcome. Each voice was heard. I agreed on most of them. Some of the efforts we’ve done so far are not enough. Some tasks are not moving forward while some members are left feeling useless. Something had to be done. With members upwards of five dozen unique and talented Pinoys, one book was just not enough. And they’re asking for something better for their original characters.
So a choice had to be made. A new direction had to be created. Not an easy task–and something some people might think is as nuts as our original goal. “WE ARE ONE” represented what Bayan Knights was all about. A family of heroic ideals… focused on how to support one another for the komiks industry’s common good.
We’re beyond that now. We are no longer one. Separately, we’ll grow and that is what we’ve decided that day: To grow apart. We are one no more. There will be changes and if you want to know what really happened… click the link below.

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  1. I have not checked out this page for a quite a while and a lot has happened already. I have been told I have good writing skills but my drawing skills are soso. Can I still be a part of the team? If so, what do I need to do. Anyway, more power do BK! My fave character is Sarhento Sagrado though I have not actually read any of the tittles. I have been looking for it. Perhaps sa comic con this 19th.