Friday, August 27, 2010

BK Cosplayer wins at the MetroCon

We can't thank Heloise "Kent" Diamante enough for wanting to cosplay as Audrey De Leon's Takip-Silim. She made us doubly proud by winning as the best cosplayer of a local character at the Metro Comic Con cosplay competition. Thank you so much, Kent! You were brilliant!

Here's a shot of Kent getting in character.

Photo courtesy of Heloise 'Kent' Diamante.

And here's Kent with some of the BK gang, including (fourth from left), Unix Gamboa, the creator of Takip-Silim's arch-rival, Devanta!

Photo taken by Pom Lacson with Unix Gamboa's cam.

To watch Kent's grand entrance, hop over to her journal for the video.

Once again, great work, Kent! We're looking forward to seeing you at the KOMIKON.

Soooo, anyone else out there want to cosplay as one of our characters?

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