Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy Second Anniversary, Bayan Knights!!!

On 26 August 2008, the first members of the Bayan Knights "met" at the group's very first online conference. Two years later, we now have more than 50 members, four issues of our main storyline, and countless books from our roster of creators. What have the past two years been like for us? Freaking awesome!

And we have all of you to thank for making it all possible.


We celebrated our anniversary a few days early at the recently concluded MetroCon. The event was everything it promised to be and we got to meet some of you there too!

Here we have Manila Man and long-time supporter Jaybee Bonus (fourth from the left) who gifted us with way too cool Bayan Knights keychains. We really loved them, Jaybee!

Photo by John Becaro

Sarra Jean Navorra dropped by our table too and got a warm reception from Paul Michael Ignacio and Erico Calimlim :)

Over at the Indie Go Valley, Kai Castillo got along splendidly with Wan MaƱanita, ~Eunice Gamboa and Rh Quilantang

This con wasn't without it's own starstruck moment. RJ Ledesma went home with an armload of our books!
Photo by Gio Paredes

Here's to another year, everyone. Happy anniversary, Bayan Knights!

Photo by Myke Guisinga


About a week before the MetroCon, we were invited by the Loyola Book Club of the Ateneo de Manila High School to take part in their Linggo ng Wika activities. We had a grand time meeting the students and talking about making comics. We are very grateful to the club's moderator, Prof. Joel Falgui, for the incredible support!

Photo by Myke Guisinga


As for our New OC recruitment contest, a total of nine (9) recruits made it to the deadline We're going through their "applications" as we speak and we have to say we're very impressed. You guys really gave it your all. Thank you so much!!!

Sarge btw has confirmed that it's okay for you guys to post your origin pages on your respective DA galleries. You can certainly mention that the pages were created for our contest, but we'd like to request that anyone refrain from labeling their OC as an official Bayan Knights member until the winner is announced. As stated in the contest rules, only the winner will become part of the Bayan Knights narrative.

While the entries are being reviewed, we also will not be able to post them in our main gallery. We hope you all understand :)


Have you guys marked your calendars? Let's all head to the Star Mall on Nov. 13 for the 2010 KOMIKON!!!

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  1. Yeah! Bayan knights rock! My ulrimate dream is to have my OC join the group. Although I know I still don't have a solid story to back him up. But I know in due time, it will be finished and it's time to try joining the group again! More power Bayan Knights!