Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Thank You, Thank You!

In behalf of all the Bayan Knights, we thank those who bought our comics, asked for autographs, took pictures with us and basically everyone who dropped by our booth to chat during the 2-day Metro Comic Con! More pictures and a proper report about the event to come soon (hopefully, hehe!..)

We'd also like to announce that our Recruitment Contest is now officially over! The 2-pagers we received were impressive and we thank those who took the time to join the fun and share their creations. We'll be announcing the winner pretty soon so keep checking our blog, our DeviantArt account and/or our group's Facebook page.

Stay tuned for more action!

Mark Rosario
Bayan Knights, Associate Editor


  1. Nice to see you again Markus!
    Wag kang mawawala sa KOMIKON!
    Ingats palagi.

    Fr Papa Roster and Mother Hen. :D

  2. Ilang yung nakasali sa contest natin?

  3. @ Myke, salamat talaga ng marami. Hope I could make it again :)

    @ Renie, if Im not mistaken 9 or 10 ata.