Thursday, September 2, 2010

BK Recruitment Contest - Entry #2: MALIGNUM by Wylde Manansala

Here goes the 2nd official entry for our Bayan Knights Recruitment Contest.

This is Malignum by Wylde Manansala.

Keep visiting our blog to see the other entries within the next days!


  1. Hi This is Wylde, pasensya na sa entry ko at di nag fit sa aking low tech scanner, hehehe

    here is the complete script to my story pala:

    I did not choose it. It chose me. It happened in a Bad day, Maybe It just needed one bad day to turn my life around

    I was supposed to be with my gang hanging out in a gig called ,” rakrakan sa kagubatan”

    My name is Rob, College drop out, and a stereo typical rock n roll rebel

    Since I have been on a drinking spree earlier that day,
    I lost my sense of direction , and began to wander through the forest without my map. I got lost on my way to a gig

    Helpless and only acting out of instinct , I began to panic

    Then I saw it
    this “punso”

    A huge and magnificent termite mound

    Myth said that this is where unforeseen creatures nestled

    “Nuno” a goblin that will do harm to those who damage or disturb Their mound

    I don’t believe in myth or folklore

    And I don’t give a crap about a Nuno

    Stubbornly, I began to violate and destroy their habitat

    I did not know that I was being watched by the ancient ones. I was the trespasser

    That will be their unsuspecting victim, the host that they need to unleash their wrath.

    Lurking In these forbidden site

    Is a wretched creature summoned by the ancient ones

    A force that existed from all eternity

    Waiting for a human host to bond

    The Creature was not composed of flesh and blood.

    It had shape...but that shape was not made of an ordinary matter.

    The thing cannot be described.

    The peaceful coexistence between human beings and Nuno's have been disturbed

    Humans did it first, they declared war on nature

    They revert to irrational destruction as soon as their selfish interests are threatened.

    Humans progress have disrespected the Nunos and their territory.
    The Creature’s purpose is to put fear and respect back in human hearts

    And to show the Nuno’s dominance over the land dwellers

    Elder NuNo: You are chosen to be its host
    You was given a purpose
    In You, the hunter of shadows rises
    reborn as a Crawling Chaos

    Thanks BK para sa opportunity na to! More power to you and your great comic artists !

  2. You have one amazing entry, Wylde. Who would have known Rakrakan and Nuno's could fit well in a story together? :)

    Goodluck to your entry, man!

  3. good work man!

    i should have sent my entry..tsk! tsk! sayang... balik ko na lang sa baul ulit..