Thursday, September 9, 2010

BK Recruitment Contest - Entry #4: LINGA by Mary Rozsi Dapul

LINGA story and art by Mary Rozsi Dapul

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  1. Hi. To the author of the comic, I'm so glad to see another female character!

    I love her powers and her guardians(?) what do you call those who gave her the power?

    The attire could still be improved. I can't understand how she looks like. Whatever. it's who she is that matters. I admire her optimism.

  2. Uhhh.... well, for one thing, she's not female. I mean, she's female at heart. ^^;
    SHE is actually a gay character. I didn't mention it because it didn't need to be said, although you can infer it.

    The ones who gave her powers are gods, or incarnations of them. There's a whole backstory about the gods of the Philippines that I couldn't fit in ;) Let's just call them guardians.

    Her costume is usually messed up because of the quick change attempts (her transformation only happens with her hair changing color) It's basically a coat (which she even forgoes most of the time) and pants and the long cloth is part of the sky woven by Mapulon to protect her.

    thanks so much for your kind words.


  3. I think (since it was only an intro and people are confused) I should give just a bit more background. Only things that appear in this comic but I didn't mention.

    Linga's character is that of a gay local clinic worker whose family ties 'her' to gods like Lakampati and Mapulon (some family members appear in my gallery) and whose unbiased compassion made her a suitable candidate for becoming Linga. (the old incarnation of Linga died while back)
    Linga is a healer god of Filipino mythology.
    She is considered a Babaylan partly because in the past, if males wanted to be Babaylans, they had to dress, act and live as women.

    She doesn't like the justice system, she doesn't like heroes or villains, but no matter who it is or what the person's done, if that person calls on her for help, she helps them. You could be Hitler for all she cares but if Hitler asks her help for healing, she'll do it. What she doesn't tolerate, though, is anyone hurting anyone else.

    She doesn't fight, but she defends.

    ~notes from Mozzarella MRD